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White Claw: Claw Back Your Summer


Jun. - Aug. 2023, 6 weeks

Figma, Adobe CC, Microsoft Powerpoint

Design Collaboration with Kyle Cernicky


The average employed American wastes approximately TEN days of paid-time off a year. White Claw partnered with Edelman to launch Claw Back Your Summer, an end-of-summer campaign that sends a clear and compelling message to all Americans – relax, take that vacation day, and grab yourself a hard seltzer while you're at it.


The campaign kicked off with a "Clawcade" promotional video, where Edelman built a physical blockade, or "clawcade," out of White Claw cases that blocked people from getting to work. The visual concept and stills were designed and mocked up by Kyle and me. 


Click here to view the official "Clawcade" video on White Claw's Instagram! Video produced by the talented Edelman Creative Team.   

To broadcast the campaign even further, we created a set of seven digital infobites, which were sent to PR and media outlets, to provide statistical evidence and visually intriguing collateral that informed audiences on the importance of kicking back with White Claw and taking that vacation! 


Previous Iterations

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