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Chinese Dance: An Archive


Oct. 2023, 4 weeks

Figma, Procreate

Advisor: Theresa Kratschmer


With its vivid whirling fans and ribbons, elaborately stylized movements, ethnically diverse costumes, and stories of China's past and present, Chinese Dance offers a unique, artistic perspective into an ancient culture. To celebrate the evolution of such performance into the modern day, as well as the distinct styles of dance that surround the culture, this website archive brings together the beauty of Chinese Dance through descriptions, imagery, illustrations, and much more.

This archive is near and dear to me, as I am a Chinese dancer myself. Since the age of 7, I've been celebrating my culture and passion for performance on stage, and it has shaped a part of who I am today. I hope that, through my website design, I can convey my appreciation and dedication to the craft. I am happy that I have been able take my hobbies and use them as an inspiring start to my Figma learning journey! 

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