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T.J. Maxx: Holiday Haven


Jun. - Aug. 2023, 6 weeks

Figma, Adobe CC, Microsoft Powerpoint

Team Members: Asha Shah, Tarinee Rajaraman, Alex Anderson, Aynur Rauf, & Saabiah Hussain


Creative holiday campaign proposal for T.J. Maxx, addressing the problem that Maxx is often thought of as the holiday fallback option where people purchase last-minute holiday gifts. How can Maxx rebrand as the perfect destination to get your gifting season started?


I collaborated with five creative interns to pitch a social-led campaign titled Holiday Haven, a shopping revolution that makes Maxx the ultimate self-care destination. Our campaign focuses on encouraging customers to not be embarrassed about embracing the holiday spirit early. Instead, the opportunity as a self-care treat, a break from the stress of last-minute shopping – where you can find goodies among treasures on T.J. Maxx's shelves! 

The project went through various rounds of iteration, where we brainstormed a Christmas scavenger hunt series, holiday gifting sweepstakes, and many many more ideas. However, when we landed on Holiday Haven and developed the different steps towards implementing the campaign, we knew it was the answer we were looking for – the best route to take to keep the holiday haters at bay! 

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