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Peace Park


Nov. - Dec. 2023, 5 weeks

Figma, InDesign, Photoshop

Advisor: Penina Acayo Laker


A minimalistic branding design for for Peace Park, an in-progress community park in the St. Louis College Hill neighborhood. Notable for its proximity to the historically famous Grand Ave Water Tower, the park is hoped to be a place for gatherings, recreation, and rest in the future. 

The branding identity features the Water Tower as its iconic logo and is paired with an earthy color palette that unifies the College Hill community with the new Peace Park. It will not only encourage residents to connect with the College Hill history but will also increase awareness on bringing entertainment, gatherings, and festivities to the community. The system is applicable in various different design contexts, ranging from promotional posters to business cards to websites.

Process Work


After thoroughly analyzing areas of enhancement and further development, I discovered that the project lacks a cohesive design identity. In a broad scope, the lack of such important graphics can hinder the livability and navigability of the area, as well as discourage residents to feel excited about the construction. 


The Grand Avenue Water Tower sits at the intersection of Grand Avenue and 20th Street in College Hill. It is the oldest existing water tower in St. Louis and the tallest freestanding Corinthian order column in the world. The tower’s iconic build, design, and historical significance makes it an appropriate icon to incorporate into Peace Park’s branding identity.



After testing abstract vs realistic forms, rounded vs sharp corners, and the full tower vs part of the tower, I ultimately settled on the simplistic design below. The logo is less embellished than the tower itself, yet it still conveys the structural form of the iconic mark. Additionally, taking into account the existing designs that Arbolope Studio and Green City Coalition have provided, I decided on an earthy, natured-inspired color scheme for Peace Park. 

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